Why join BridalMakeupExperts.com as a makeup artist?
BridalMakeupExperts.com gives you a wider exposure and helps you increase your business.

Why and how to upload your portfolio?
Upload your portfolio to help the customer choose from your sample work. You can upload upto 150 images in your portfolio. Image should be of minimum width of 400 pixels, of image types jpg,jpeg,png,bmp, and not more than 8 MB.

Can I have an anonymous profile?
As a customer you can keep your surname anonymous, example: Pooja123.
Makeup artists are required to give accurate and true name and contact details.

How do I contact makeup artists?
You can contact the makeup artist via an email/ the contact details of the artists provided on the website. Make sure you give the reference of BridalMakeupExperts.com to the artists.

How much does it cost?
Till June 2018 the service remains free for both vendors and customers.

What perks does makeup artists get for joining BridalMekeupExperts.com?
Makeup artists listed on BridalMakeupExperts.com will get free online makeup tutorials by international makeup artists every month.

Is it safe to create my profile?
Don't worry your details are safe with us! You can only be contacted by Employers who have registered and paid to use the service. If you are happen to be contacted by someone you believe to be a fraudster, please contact us.

What if the sample work on website is found to be fraudulent?
If you find any sample work posted by a makeup artist to be fraudulent, please report us immediately and help us take firm actions against same.

Can I book group package?
Yes, you can book a group package informing the artist about number of people and other details in prior.

Where can I post my reviews?
Yes, you can post the reviews under the review section below the artist profile.